Monday, June 3, 2013

Awards Day

This was our 8th year doing awards.  I remember when the kids were really young & we'd rake in the goods.  Medals, pins, certificates, applause and lots of pictures.  And I was so proud. 

Over the years though my thoughts & feelings about them... the awards have changed.  I like them less & less each year.  I like what it does in my proud heart less & less each year.  Why can't the reward for a job well done just be passing onto the next grade?  Why isn't that enough?  Why do we push for paper or metal? 

I'm asking myself too.  

This was a learning year for me.  For all of us.  Some school years are fun... others are just the day to day... others are hard and we learn from them.  This was a hard year.  Conflicts hard & big falls hard & mean 4th grade girls hard.  I know it's ridiculous...  I KNOW IT'S RIDICULOUS but I feel like I can hardly push through these last 3 days.  The thought of tomorrow morning make my stomach hurt & my eyes get all teary.  It cannot get over fast enough!  My middle schoolers still have finals and I have a stupid parent meeting tomorrow.  Seriously???  

The kids are all so different and that displayed itself hugely this year.  Some get awards.  Others don't.  I push for their best.  And I pray for huge... HUGE amounts of grace.  Which thankfully Jesus is over stocked in.  And whether their best is worthy of an award in the eyes of teachers/administrators...  I don't care.  They all get the reward of moving on to the next grade and next year the slate is clean.  We can start the story new.  Writing together another chapter of challenges and successes.  Tests and red inked letter grades.  We will pass and we will fail and we will learn.  

And isn't that really the point?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


"Dear Jesus, thank you for the food I'm chewing. Please help me to learn to sleep in my own bed so I don't sleep with mom forever. And please help Herson to be clean & safe because bad guys are real. Amen." ~Maggie (5)

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Better Choice for Education

I've read the article going around about the lawyers and doctors homeschooling their kids. Do we really live in a world that still places levels of value on people based on their occupation? Cuz here's the thing... I like my doctor but I don't want him flying the plane I'm on or cutting my hair. And I'm thankful for the services of a lawyer but I don't want him fixing my car or drilling my teeth. So why would I allow their choices on education influence how I educate my kids? Not to mention the points given in the article are points I've heard repeatedly in support of homeschooling for many years... nothing new. But here's what if really find frustrating. We should be past this. Why is this still an issue among Christ following families? We wave the banner of our specific choice as though it is the only choice. When the truth is it is still a divisive issue within the Body. We should be past this. Honestly, this parenting thing is hard, HARD! I don't know any parent who is truly vested in the spiritual well being of their children who doesn't weigh this education decision with great care. So then what if we took this issue to Jesus. Humbly seeking wisdom for each child each year. Then waited quietly for that wisdom and then obeyed His call for our family. And what if we then sought out others who made the same choice and locked arms with them and prayed with and encouraged them because we are in the trenches with them and understand what they are facing. And what if we then sought out those who have made a different choice than us and locked arms with them and prayed with and encouraged them because we have no idea how hard it is or the struggles they face. Can you imagine what God could do with a generation of children whose parents locked arms with one another and covered them in prayer? We serve a really big God... just imagine what He could do... It's a better choice friends.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something New

I bought a book the other day called "Cleaning House - A Mom's 12 Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement".

Here's a link:

It's well worth your time to check it out. I've just gotten through the 1st ch but already identified with her in a lot of areas. At any rate I'm taking on the experiment here and hopefully some things will change.

Now I'm choosing to write about it here because knowing that 3 people might read this will hopefully be some kind of motivation for accountability. I do have 'sticktoititis' which could create some problems but what I'm hoping is that their ability to do things they didn't think they could will be my motivation and theirs.

We're officially not starting till Feb. 1 but I've started asking them to do things here and there... poor Henry is going to struggle the most.

I asked him & the 'man-child' to put the fitted sheets on their beds. Yes, just the fitted sheets... those bunk beds are a NIGHTMARE to change the sheets!!! We will work up to the whole bed. But one would have thought I was asking him to lift the car off one of his siblings with all the drama. But he did it. And when I thanked him... he was pretty proud of himself.

So there it is... all out there. It's gonna be an interesting year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back at it...

School started back up today. This break was really short.

Too short.

But I'm fairly certain no one in the county cares what I think.

I was able to get lots done. Christmas is back up in the attic and a reading corner is in its place.

Lots of laundry was done, just not folded. Bummer.

Children are pooped.

So am I.

Here's my question for today...

How do I "give them grace" and put them through the boot camp they so badly need.

Prayer. Prayer for wisdom. Expectant... humble... prayer for wisdom.


Its January... I folded a laundry basket of half clothes and half un-put-up Christmas decor tonight. It sat on my bedroom floor the entire month of December. I kept coming across things and thinking... 'so that's where that went...'. I'm not proud...and I'm pretty sure my mother isn't either. But as I've been folding tonight, I've been thinking about what I want to work on this year. There's a lot to choose from. I think the thing I need most is a better understanding of Gods grace. How badly I need it and how sickeningly undeserving I am of it and how I can do nothing to earn it. I have kids who need it too... teen years come this year and... I don't even have words to put down about that. I just know I can't do it... Motherhood is hard and I fail often. I need to understand His grace. To know Him more. To speak Gospel words to myself and to my kids. I think the other things will fall into place.

Monday, July 23, 2012


It's summer and we've had a good one.  We don't fill our summers with lots of extra stuff.  In the coming years we'll have camp goers and summer jobs but for now I can't bring myself to fill our 'lazy days' up with early hours at practices and running kids all over.   Truthfully, we don't have many summers left to just hang out together and so I'm taking full advantage of them while I can. 

We did do something a little different this year.  We took an actual... real family vacation. 

We played in the waves together

and dug in the sand together

and learned some history together

in general just relaxed for a week.

Refusing to look at clocks... and cell phones.  It was all kinds of loveliness.

And now we're back home and I'm getting a crash coarse in parenting the pre-teen... "baptism by fire" as they say.  Finding myself in much prayer and learning more and more about my kids and God's Grace.