Monday, July 23, 2012


It's summer and we've had a good one.  We don't fill our summers with lots of extra stuff.  In the coming years we'll have camp goers and summer jobs but for now I can't bring myself to fill our 'lazy days' up with early hours at practices and running kids all over.   Truthfully, we don't have many summers left to just hang out together and so I'm taking full advantage of them while I can. 

We did do something a little different this year.  We took an actual... real family vacation. 

We played in the waves together

and dug in the sand together

and learned some history together

in general just relaxed for a week.

Refusing to look at clocks... and cell phones.  It was all kinds of loveliness.

And now we're back home and I'm getting a crash coarse in parenting the pre-teen... "baptism by fire" as they say.  Finding myself in much prayer and learning more and more about my kids and God's Grace.  


Annie said...

i was so excited to see your post!

Love and miss you all!

Annie Jones

Annie said...

i really enjoyed all the pictures! i was very excited to see a post!

Love and Miss you all,