Friday, March 29, 2013

A Better Choice for Education

I've read the article going around about the lawyers and doctors homeschooling their kids. Do we really live in a world that still places levels of value on people based on their occupation? Cuz here's the thing... I like my doctor but I don't want him flying the plane I'm on or cutting my hair. And I'm thankful for the services of a lawyer but I don't want him fixing my car or drilling my teeth. So why would I allow their choices on education influence how I educate my kids? Not to mention the points given in the article are points I've heard repeatedly in support of homeschooling for many years... nothing new. But here's what if really find frustrating. We should be past this. Why is this still an issue among Christ following families? We wave the banner of our specific choice as though it is the only choice. When the truth is it is still a divisive issue within the Body. We should be past this. Honestly, this parenting thing is hard, HARD! I don't know any parent who is truly vested in the spiritual well being of their children who doesn't weigh this education decision with great care. So then what if we took this issue to Jesus. Humbly seeking wisdom for each child each year. Then waited quietly for that wisdom and then obeyed His call for our family. And what if we then sought out others who made the same choice and locked arms with them and prayed with and encouraged them because we are in the trenches with them and understand what they are facing. And what if we then sought out those who have made a different choice than us and locked arms with them and prayed with and encouraged them because we have no idea how hard it is or the struggles they face. Can you imagine what God could do with a generation of children whose parents locked arms with one another and covered them in prayer? We serve a really big God... just imagine what He could do... It's a better choice friends.


Melissa Ann said...

Amen!!! About all parenting choices... and this one too. Thanks for sharing this.

Allie Pust said...

Stephanie has a blog?! How did I not know this?
Elated to hear more from one of my friends I greatly respect and love. Thank you for your thoughts on this! =)